Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Alice Project Schools' Hostel for Girls

This year, the Alice Project Schools in India opened a hostel for Chakma girls seeking freedom and safety from persecution. FOH is proud to support such a laudable effort to bring education and peace of mind to a courageous group of girls. We assume you have many questions about the project, its origins and its successes, and we hope to shed some light for you today...

First of all, who are the Chakmas? 

The Chakmas are a poor Buddhist people whose ancestors migrated to India from Bangladesh due to religious persecution. They lost everything in their home country when the Government built a dam that submerged their villages. Forced to flee, the Chakmas have since sought refuge in India, where they remain a stateless people. 

What do the Alice Project Schools do to support the Chakma people?

Alice Project Schools seek to provide free education to Chakmas seeking refuge in India. The first Chakma group was accepted in 1998 at Sarnath school. Currently, the Alice Project is helping about 70 chakmas, each of whom are studying in the senior high schools in Sarnath (Uttar Pradesh) and Bodhgaya (Bihar). This year, the school opened its first hostel for young women in February 2011. The school was also able to adopt one young girl who was recently orphaned.

This sounds like a great program, how can I help?

The estimated annual cost of the Alice Project Schools is approximately 50 thousand euros. This estimation includes general and medical expenses, maintenance of the hostel. FOH currently provides annual support to the Alice Project Schools, donating 15,000 CHF in 2010, but we need your help! Please donate today and help us advocate the education of these young women.

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