Sunday, May 1, 2011

share&help is coming soon!

The projects we sponsor around the world need a great deal of financial support. With this in mind, we've decided to combine two activities FOH donors love, shopping and donating, to enable FOH to raise funds for those in need on a daily basis.

Share&help is an online, ethically sound retail web site where consumers can purchase exclusive services and products from hotel rooms, flight tickets, car rental, artwork or luxury clothes. All products and services are donated to us by our partners. At least 85 percent of the generated income funds projects in Education, Health, Human Rights and Environment all around the world.

For example, by choosing to shop through share&help, your rental car for a weekend getaway could fund 8 months of schooling for our students in India--how exciting is that?!

We're currently finetuning all the aspects of our new e-commerce platform so that it suits our customers needs. Stay tuned for more updates, coming soon!

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