Saturday, April 23, 2011

Update from Wangdrak Rinpoche

On April 14th, 2010, a massive earthquake devastated Yushu, Tibet, killing more than 2,100 people and injuring another 12,000. Wangdrak Rinpoche responded to this crisis by taking action to secure the health and safety of orphaned children.

Thanks to the generous donations of Procter and Gamble Alumni, Friends of Humanity was able to send 3'000 CHF to Yushu last December. This money was to be used to provide food and clothing for the children, and to serve any additional needs they may have. We are very excited to announce that we recently received a report from Wangdrak Rinpoche in which he stated:

'The children are now divided into 3 groups and looked after by trusted guardians (aunts, uncles and friends). Two groups are living in temporary tents in Yushu and the third is living with nomad relatives in the mountains. Schools resumed in summer 2010 and children above the age of 7 continued with classes. This year the government has paid school fees for students in primary school, while Rinpoche provided their school supplies and basic needs...The children were healthy this year and no medical costs were incurred.'

We are thrilled to learn that the lives of the 33 children under Rinpoche's care are steadily returning back to normalcy, but they clearly still need our support.

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