Sunday, October 16, 2011

Alice Project rocks

It is nice to see that the Alice Project never loses its ties with its founders' homeland, Italy, and how it manages to find new and interesting ways to spread its message.

Today, in the north-eastern Italian town of Udine, the Alice Project will be at the core of a rock event called ESSERE PACE (being peace), where concerts will be interspersed with conferences where the roots and inner-workings of Valentino Giacomin's brainchild will be explained. Particular attention will be given to the activities involving the Chakmas, the displaced population strongly present in all Alice schools, particularly the most recent one in Bodhisatta, Arunachal Pradesh State. This school is the one Friends of Humanity is particularly involved with, and was funded through the donations of our sponsors and supporters at the recent A Day to Share event, where Luigina De Biasi, co-founder of Alice Project, was present.

Last summer, Alice Project was also present with a stand and a dedicated time at another rock festival in Vercelli, in Piedmont, and they are part of a network of partnerships with several economic and social actors in Italy, which provides a lot of support to this beautiful and innovative idea.

You can get more information on this event here (in Italian only)

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