Friday, October 28, 2011

Female feticide in India leads to girls' decline and forced wife-sharing

We have already pointed out (see post on July 15), the tragic routine of selective female abortions and feticide in rural areas of India, particularly in the states of Punjab and Uttar Pradesh. Due to the opinion that a son is more profitable as an old-age support for parents and raising a girl is just a waste of resources, many parents decide to get rid of the unwelcome female new born. 

Child sex ratio in some Indian states can be as low as 837 girls for 1000 boys, and the trend in uncannily increasing in the last years. This will lead to several bad consequences, like the augmentation of the already existing practice of forced wife-sharing. 

The NGO Plan India is directly involved in denouncing this system and all the vicious consequences of the low esteem women enjoy in Indian traditional society. In this article stories are reported of women who had to have sex with their husband's brothers, as they could not find a wife. Most of these women do not dare file a complaint against this behavior, which is widely accepted by the local moral, albeit it is theoretically forbidden by the law. 

FOH's partner in India, Alice Project, provides young girls with an education which hopefully will protect them from falling into this devious system. 

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