Friday, December 2, 2011

At 15 she raises funds to build a school in Nepal

At Friends of Humanity we are always on the lookout to find actions going towards solidarity, and we are particularly when they come from women, according to the spirit of our founder and CEO Graziella Zanoletti, who became first a successful entrepreneur then decided to devote her energy to humanitarian causes, due to the belief that women possess a special energy and a more effective way of doing things.

That's why the story of Sam Terry (photo right), the 15-year old Canadian girl who managed to raise $ 32,000 to build a school in Nepal, caught our attention and made us leap of joy for observing what a young woman can achieve out of enthusiasm and perseverance.

Her actions would be of course worth praising regardless of the country where her effort was aimed, but the fact that the school built thanks to Sam's fundraising is in Nepal, makes it all the more emotional for us. Nepal is the country Russell Brice, the co-founder of FOH, lives in and loves, and one of our current partners, RIDS-Nepal is active there.

We hope that many more people, young and less young, will follow Sam Terry's example and take action to help building schools and other things which will help improving the living conditions of many people in the developing world.

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