Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Graziella Zanoletti travels to India and visits Alice Project

Last January Friends of Humanity's founder and president, Graziella Zanoletti, traveled to India and spent a few days in Bodhgaya, where the first and biggest Alice Project School is located.

She met Valentino Giacomin (right) and the young students of the school (bottom left), and she verified the progress in the building of infrastructures in Bodhgaya since the partnership with Friends of Humanity began: a hostel for children coming from far away has been built, and ten new schoolrooms are on the way, as well as a big space for meeting and collective meditation.

Graziella received with pleasure the news that the Dalai Lama is helping the Alice Project with a contribution of 18.000 Euros for the expansion of the Bodhgaya site.

Once again Graziella left a bit of her heart with the children of the Alice Project, and came away with a strong motivation to continue supporting them in the future.

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