Monday, March 26, 2012

Lamp of the Path Project Follow-Up

Friends of Humanity recently received a report from in-country project partners at Lamp of the Path Soup Kitchen in Mongolia. The project aims at providing food for homeless people  who live in particularly harsh conditions, especially during the winter. You can read more about the problems in Mongolia here.

The follow up indicates that from the 8,000 CHF (approximately 8,860 USD) helped to give over 20,000 meals to 70 homeless over the last year. This information confirms that Lamp of the Path Soup kitchen is using the money provided by FOH efficiently. According to the report, the soup kitchen currently supports men and women over 40 years old, who are often "old, sick and/or venerable."  The kitchen supports two local staff members, who are able to provide assistance in a culturally sensitive manner. The kitchen uses locally purchased or donated food. The inclusion of local resources and staff speaks to the success of this project and the unique nature of Friends of Humanity. By supporting projects that are locally managed, Friends of Humanity is able to make an impact in the lives of others without disrupting the community or their way of life. The follow up report states, "The community is very supportive of the Soup Kitchen, especially of course the beneficiaries who not only receive free food, but also free medical care by our other project, the free Health Clinic."

Lamp of the Path hopes "to begin an outreach program to deliver food to those who can't come to the Community Center. And also, later on, to purchase a neighboring house to be remodeled as a hostel for the homeless."

Friends of Humanity remains proud of the ongoing success of the Lamp of the Path Soup Kitchen. We hope that through the support of donations and purchases on the Shop&Help we are able to continue funding projects like this. As little as 50CHF can provide enough food for one person for 2 months.

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