Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Global Giving: A New Way to Help

Friends of Humanity is constantly working to find new tools to spread awareness about our projects and give you new ways to help. One of these ways is Global Giving.

The organization Connects Donors to Doers:

GlobalGiving begins with the dedicated, tenacious individuals who are driving change in their communities. From running orphanages and schools, to helping survivors of natural disasters, these people are do-gooders to the core. We connect these "good idea people" with the "generous giver people" and help projects of all sizes receive donations of all sizes.

We now have our four current projects on Global Giving:
Maison Shalom-Support 100 sexually abused girls in Burundi
Alice Project - Let's support a School for 125 children in India!
Lamp of the Path  - Feed 80 Homeless People in Ulaanbataar, Mongolia
RIDS-Nepal - Build wells for 200 villagers in rural Nepal

Here's How the Process Works

  • Project Leaders post their causes and details about what they need on - giving you an inside look at the project's unique needs and work being done.
  • You make a tax-deductible donation and we combine your giving with other generous folks doing the same thing.
  • We ensure that at least 85% of your donation is sent to the organization implementing the project you chose within 60 days. Donors have the option to cover GlobalGiving's 15% fulfillment fee, in which case 100% of the original donation goes directly to the implementing organization.
  • You get regular updates telling you what a difference your gift is making and the results that have been achieved.

By researching and implementing a variety of fundraising initiatives, Friends of Humanity is able to reach a larger about of people, minimize administration costs, and remain an efficient, effective NGO. Help share our work using Global Giving's Facebook Share and Tweet functions.

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