Monday, August 20, 2012

New project sponsored by Friends of Humanity in Nigeria

Friends of Humanity is proud to announce that we support a new project related to women's rights in Nigeria.
We are deeply attached to defend women rights since women constitute the basis on which all societies are built.
In this article, you will find some information about the general women's rights context in Nigeria and details about the project FOH supports.

Being a woman in Nigeria (NGO Coalition on CEDAW-Nigeria)

Gender inequalities and stereotypes exist in all spheres of the Nigerian polity, preventing women from developing and exercising their full human capabilities Socio-cultural, economic, political, legal and religious impediments to the promotion and protection of women’s rights still persist in Nigeria. For instance, according to the nigerian customary law, only men have the right to land.

Harmful traditional and cultural practices such as Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) , widowhood rites and disinheritance still persist. According to the World Health Organization, about 20% of Nigerian women between 15 and 29 have undergone some form of FGM.

Rural women are excluded from most of the programmes of government. They are discriminated against in the areas of access to adequate health care facilities including information, counselling and services in family planning and education.

In a nutshell, women in Nigeria do not enjoy their full rights. In rural areas, no specific action have been made by the government to ameliorate women conditions. So, NGOs have a particularly  strong influence on rural women's rights

The project

In these circumstances, the project FOH supports aims at training rural women in Nigeria about their rights (right to education, reproductive rights...).This project was initiated by Rosy Touch Initiative for Development, a nigerian NGO working for women economic development.The team will give 2-days training about women's rights in six locations in the south-west of Nigeria. 

In all, 300 women will follow the training. It will enable them to be more aware of their rights. The exercice of women's rights will be promoted.

For more information about the project, go to the project's webpage !!

If you want to help those women, make a donation  for this project!

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