Thursday, February 14, 2013

In Nepal Friends of Humanity will in 2013 continuously support the RIDS-Nepal project installing potable water for 200 people.

Rids Nepal – The Family of Four

RIDS-Nepal was created in 2002 with the goal of providing these basic services to the households, and doing so in an affordable and sustainable way. RIDS’s founder, Alex Zahnd, supports the idea of a Holistic Development, meaning that progress in one area must be met with advances in other areas.The objective of the project is to install potable water for the 32 households (200 people in total, an average of six per household) of the remote village of Mohoriguan.
The other three elements of the Family of Four have already been installed. The local communities strongly support RIDS-Nepal's committment and are directly involved in the implemeting of the Holistic Development model.
Earlier this year (2012) another organization has built in Mohorigaun village a drinking water system (DWS), without prior to their activities informing or enquiring with RIDS-Nepal what programs/projects are already running. (Source : Rids Nepal – The Family of Four –Alex Zahnd)
However, good as it would have been to have access to clean drinking water, it is also the unfortunate truth that the newly built drinking water system is not working as intended
In the last few weeks we have been investigating what needs to be done in order to mitigate the present situation and to hopefully start, once we get the needed funding in (which is not at all yet the case...), to get this DWS project done properly as we initially have planned. Thus I hope you are still encouraged to continue to stand with us and the people from Mohorigaun village to raise the needed funds to get the DWS done so that water WILL flow from the 4 tap stands in the village and the ladies and young girls do not have to walk down to the river and fetch water, which is not clean, and carry it back to the village.
Thus, the Mohorigaun people have again addressed RIDS-Nepal to REPAIR WITH them their urgent needed DWS, so that they finally get the needed access to clean drinking water, as to have access to clean drinking water is ONE of the MAIN programs of RIDS-Nepal's "Family of 4" community development concept.
FOH will in 2013 continuously support the RIDS-Nepal project in village of Mohorigan.
CHF330 = The Family of Four system will be installed in a household

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