Friday, March 22, 2013

Happy World Water Day 2013!

Today, the United Nations celebrates its 20th annual World Water Day. Held on the 22nd of March each year, World Water Day emphasizes the importance of access to freshwater and the sustainable management of water resources.  This year’s focus is water collaboration, as part of the UN’s year-long theme; “In designating 2013 as the UN International Year of Water Cooperation, the UNGA recognizes that cooperation is essential to strike a balance between the different needs and priorities and share this precious resource equitably, using water as an instrument of peace. Promoting water cooperation implies an interdisciplinary approach bringing in cultural, educational and scientific factors, as well as religious, ethical, social, political, legal, institutional and economic dimensions.” (  With 783 million people lacking access to clean water, a growing population, and diminishing resources, addressing the issue remains at the forefront of the global development agenda.
Water cooperation is imperative, as effective water management requires cooperation between multiple actors from a local to an international scale. In addition, many of the world’s sources of fresh water—groundwater, rivers, streams, etc.—cross political and territorial boundaries and must be shared amongst people of different countries and cultures. Without cooperation, access to water becomes uncertain, triggering adverse impacts on human lives and economic systems.
Friends of Humanity understands the importance of safe, accessible, sustainable water solutions. Through RIDS-Nepal, we aim to provide villagers in the Jumla district of Nepal with potable drinking water through a system of cement pipes, built in active partnership with local communities.  Providing access to safe water is the final step in completing RIDS’s Family of Four project, which enables 200 villagers to enjoy decent living conditions in terms of health and hygiene while remaining self-sufficient.

To learn more about World Water Day 2013 and the theme of Water Cooperation, click here.
To learn more about RIDS-Nepal and to donate to the project, click here.

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