Thursday, April 25, 2013

India Celebrates Global Action Week

Students at the Alice School in Arunachal Pradesh, India

This week in India, schoolchildren are celebrating Global Action Week, put on by the National Coalition for Education (NCE), a national level voluntary organization that promotes children’s rights. The theme of the week is “Every Child Needs a Teacher,” and aims to bring awareness to the critical shortage of qualified teachers in the region.
As part of the campaign, NCE highlights the discrepancy between public and private education. According to the India Education Diary:
While children of private schools go well with all facilities at schools, remaining are those poor kids who are tied with a bad luck in a government school. Children of public school face numerous challenges on the way to their free, compulsory and quality elementary education. Majority of public school face shortage of teachers which impact adversely on those poor kids.”
In order to fulfill the goal of providing universal primary education for all, there must be real efforts to filling the teacher gaps in elementary schools with qualified candidates.
During Global Action Week, NCE will organize interactions amongst teachers, parents, and members of the School Management Committee to discuss quality education and the role played by teachers. Students will participate as well by sending postcards to the Honorable Governor asking for immediate intervention in filling the teacher gaps in their respective schools.
By influencing all involved parties, NCE is highlighting the integrated effort needed to ensure all children have access to a free, high quality education. Moreover, by involving students themselves, they are empowering youth to speak out for their rights and to demand access to one of the fundamental building blocks of a bright future.
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