Friday, May 27, 2011

FOH Resforestation in Chapada dos Vadeiros

In Brazil we have been working on a beautiful project of reforesting an area that has been burned and therefore badly damaged. Friends of Humanity  has been working for a few years in this area on a eco-tourism project: there are a lot of eco-friendly activities which can be done over there. Chapada dos Vadeiros  is a village nature lovers would worship: every kind of walking, cycling, canyoning and bird watching can be done there!

A lot of species are being protected in this area of Brazil, and if you want to take a look at these amazing species do not hestitate to go to Alto Paraiso.You will not be disappointed!
That's another reason to be grateful to every donor who has contributed to this wonderful project that allows us to preserve this territory and enables tourists to keep going and enjoying this wonderful place.

If you want to see the action that has been taken in Chapada dos Vadeiros to preserve the wildlife, please feel free to go and experience a wonderful trip.

Go ahead and contribute to our project! That way we can continue with the reforestation. It's worth a click, it's worth a minute... don’t you think?

Think Brazil and go green with our organization FOH.

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