Saturday, May 21, 2011

FOH’s Project Healthy Yak in ACTION!

Dr. Lance Fox is a veterinarian from the US and he works by the slogan "A Healthy Yak is a Happy Yak!". Since 2009 he decided to work in the Mount Everest in order to help the Yaks.

What was the problem solved?

Dr. Fox helped deworm some of the yaks from Nepal, this was in order to make them healthier so they could carry equipment  from the lower villages to the Khumbu region.  

Also a very important action was that the local yak owners will also be educated about the importance of proper deworming, as well as how to do it themselves.  For this year Intervet/Schering-Plough has once again kindly donated 3,000 doses of Safe Guard for the 2011 project.

FOH Action

Thanks to all the donations received in 2010 and the first month of 2011,  FOH was able to send more than 5,000 CHF so they can continue this wonderful project.

Importance of Deworming

When a yak has worms in its digestive system they become less productive, and it has been proven that, for example, female yaks produce a lot more milk after they had their treatment with  special drugs called anthelmintics.

You can see in this video Dr. Fox in action! Watch it and see how the healthy yaks respond to their medicine!

If you want to know more about this wonderful project please visit the FOH website.

And to read more about Dr. Fox please feel free to follow this link

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