Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Annual Report: Maison Shalom a project supported by FOH

In early March we received the Annual Report from Maison Shalom in Burundi. And we could see that a lot has been done. In 2010 the DDC has given 18.9 tons of milk powder to this project, for a value of 149,500 CHF. 

How does it help?

In Burundi, this kind of milk is specially used for baby feeding or in the case of orphan children with malnutrition problems. It is also distributed by the Center of Maternal Protection and the Hospital Rema. The ones who really need and take advantage of this distribution are AIDS-affected women, whose children will hopefully not develop the virus.

What else does Maison Shalom does?

Maison Shalom works directly with the National Association ANSS to support people with AIDS. Its main task is to help them prevent this disease. And the milk powder complements their daily medical treatments.

Aline’s Story

Aline got married this year! But not everything started as happily ever after. Actually Aline was one of the survivers of the 90’s massacres. She was almost dead, and it was only because of Maggy and other collaborators that she survived. She had a 3 day wedding, and for Maison Shalom it meant a lot. It was a symbol of victory of happiness of life…

If you want to know more about it go to Maison Shalom

And to read more about us please visit Friends of Humanity !

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