Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A movie about Bosco, a young boy from the Shalom House

A movie about Bosco, a young boy from the Shalom House in Burundi, is being filmed. 

FOH supported the Hospital Rema, an initiative of the Maison Shalom,  in 2010. 
The Shalom House opened in Ruyigi in the midst of the 2003 interethnic massacres, when Maggy Barankitse adopted 25 orphans, victims of the civil war. Today the Shalom House is a globally recognized organization helping over 10.000 children orphaned by civil war or AIDS.
The Rema Hospital, officially inaugurated on January 22nd, 2008 now offers a range of services and constitutes an important step in the realization of the Shalom House vision.

Who is Bosco?
Bosco is the name of a young child who witnessed the massacre of his parents by Tutsi soldiers during interethnic massacres and civil war in Burundi.
Bosco arrived to Maison Shalom traumatized and blind. Maggy helped him overcome this trauma and allowed Bosco to make his dream of becoming a musician come true.  
Thanks to Maggy’s unconditional support and Bosco’s undeniable talent today he is a recognized musician in Burundi.

The film
With a wonderful team they are trying to make a short film named “Bosco's Guitar” to be hosted by the American Film Institute. Visit their web page.

To donate.
To produce this film, they need $50,000, some of the expenses are:
-Location fees
-Set construction, Set dressing
-Camera equipment rentals and sound recording services
-Post Production services…
 Contact Steffen to contribute!

If you want to read more about us please visit Friends of Humanity web page.

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