Monday, June 13, 2011

Friends of Humanity on Global Giving

What is Global Giving?

It is an internet platform where a lot of charity projects are conected all around the globe. Friends of Humanity is gladly part of this international platform and has currently nominated one project, the Alice School Project, to promote on the website. In a previous article we talked about this specific project but this time we are introducing this innovative way to look for donations.

What are the benefits?

Thanks to this internet platform we have been able to invite donators from all over the world to hear about our project in India, to be interested on it and to donate to our cause. Up until now we have achieved more than 50% of our goal.

How does this work?


How will it work in the future?

You can keep on supporting this Alice School Project through Global Giving. They then send us the money from donations and finally we happily send it along to India so these girls can have a proper education and peace of mind.

Want to donate?

Please visit our Global Giving link


Visit our Friends of Humanity website and donate!

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