Wednesday, June 8, 2011

About us : FOH History

Four years ago...

Friends of Humanity, was created in May 2007. Since that year we have been supporting several projects all around the globe: Asia, Latin America and Africa. The projects that we have been working on are initiatives that can be divided into 4 key areas:

  • Human rights and dignity
  • Education & training
  • Healthcare and medicine
  • Environmental protection & conservation

During these 4 years we found a lot of donors that were willing to make a change in the world, and sponsors that have allowed us to keep on growing. We are hoping to keep on growing, and keep on supporting as many projects as we can.

The president and founder of this wonderful non-profit is Graziella Zanoletti and as she says: "I am convinced that a positive attitude can change the world. I believe in women of the past and women of the future. Our mothers were there to protect our homes. We are here today to prepare our daughters who will change the world".

Let us continue to keep on changing our history and the history of the world!

If you want to know more about us do not hesitate and take a look at our website.

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