Monday, June 6, 2011

An award for Maggy and for Friends of Humanity

In FOH we support a lot of projects, among them is one in Burundi, Africa. In several articles we have spoken about a wonderful woman called Maggy. We have talked about her stories, and what she protects in Maison Shalom but now to honor this wonderful  woman we are writing about the prize that she is receiving on June 8th 2011. It's an award called Premio Archivio Disarmo per la Pace (International Prize for Peace); the event will take place in Rome.

It is the 27th annual ceremony of this wonderful event and it allows Maggy and FOH to continue with our collective efforts. Thanks to our donors it has been possible to sustain Maison Shalom. This award does not only go to Maggy, it goes to Maison Shalom and for all the children that have been in peace.

It's a well deserved prize. This woman has given her spirit and more to those endangered children
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