Thursday, June 23, 2011

A new partner in Nepal for Friends of Humanity

RIDS-Nepal is an organisation based in Katmandu with several projects in rural areas of Nepal, particularly the poorest and most remote ones.  Its philosophy is to introduce sustainable development in all areas of life in a rural community, and its activity is mainly centered in off the beaten track districts such as Humla.

RDIS-Nepal is currently working on a project called Family of 4, where four different aspects are developed together, in order to improve all the basic needs of the community at the same time. The four pillars RDIS-Nepal is working on are:
  1. the construction and distribution of pit latrines, which will improve the hygiene in the area
  2. smokeless metal stoves, to replace the current system of wood firing, which fills the households with smoke
  3. sources of electricity, mainly through the implemeting of solar panels
  4. the access to clean drinking water, through a more rational approach to the use of water courses
Friends of Humanity is proud to announce this new partnership, which will be officially presented on September 18, at the A Day to Share event in Onex, in the Geneva countryside.

For more information on RIDS-Nepal, visit the website and to know more on FOH and donate, check out

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