Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Yushu Earthquake, news from the orphans

We received some news from Yushu Tibet. After the terrible earthquake that devastated Yushu in 2010 (2 100 people were killed), FOH has been supporting Wangdrak Rinpoche a monk that took in many children whose parents were killed by the earthquake, providing them with shelter, food and education.

One year later, the media does not talk about Yushu any more, but the situation is still critical: Yushu County is still a mass of tents - not a pleasant reality for the bitter Tibetan winter, which can reach temperatures of -20°C.

Rinpoche has taken responsibility for over 30 children left orphaned from the earthquake, all of whom are safely accommodated through the freezing winter.  Six of the youngest ones (aged 3-5) have moved to nomad areas where they are being cared for by either their own relatives or Rinpoche's relatives.

The 27 school-aged orphans have remained in the tent city of Jyekundo, the seat of Yushu County. Currently, they are on school holidays over the winter. The children have been divided into two groups, and these two groups have been further assigned to two other larger orphan groups, totaling 60 kids per group!  In order to maintain a nurturing and caring environment, five monks oversee each of the larger groups. Rinpoche's own appointed helper cooks for the children.

This is their plan for the winter and because of your generous support, Rinpoche has been provided with the food and winter clothes for the 30 plus orphans under his direct care. All these arrangements have been approved by the governing authorities.

Winter clothes for the orphans have been given thanks to FOH support
Your help is still needed, every small donation would help them, if you would like to help, please make a donation.

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