Thursday, July 21, 2011

A lot of work yet to do in India

There is still a long road ahead on the way to improve the living conditions of children in India: according to Times of India, which quotes the NGO Save the Children, more than half the children under the age of two do not receive routine immunizations.

This makes India the country with the highest overall number of children without protection against potentially deadly diseases such as diarrhea.

FOH and their partners in India, including Alice Project, are making the effort to decrease these high numbers. Alice Project, albeit mainly focused on education, provides know-how expendable in the domain of healthcare as well. FOH is helping to expand a new school in Bodhisatta, Arunachal Pradesh where there will be an infirmary where first aid will be provided to the villagers. Thanks to FOH and Alice Project, the school will become a mainstay of the village.

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