Monday, July 25, 2011

Re-birth of the Mohorgaun village Holistic Community Project

FOH new partner RIDS-Nepal is currently working on a project called Family of 4, where four different aspects are developed together, in order to improve all the basic needs of the community at the same time.

1. the construction and distribution of pit latrines, which will improve the hygiene conditions in the area
2. smokeless metal stoves, to replace the current system of wood firing, which fills the households with smoke
3. sources of electricity, mainly through the implementation of solar panels
4. the access to clean drinking water, through a more rational approach to the use of water courses.

After the outstanding implementation of “Family of 4” project by RIDS-Nepal in Mohorgaun Village, the civil war and political instability halted the project for an appalling 8 years. But in 2010 the project was revived. Director Alex Zahnd was able to revisit the village and the enthusiastic village community requested the continuation of the long term affiliation. Thus came about the Rebirth of the Mohorgaun Village Holistic Community Project.
By the end of December 2010, RIDS-Nepal installed in all 32 households 3 of the 4 “Family of 4”: Pit Latrines, Smokeless Metal Stoves and Basic Indoor
Lighting (powered by solar energy) as well as some of the “Family of 4 PLUS” program components: 2 Greenhouses, 5 Slow Sand Water Filter and 5 Solar Driers.

But what happened to the last of the “Family of 4”: access to clean drinking water? Well this year is all about the Mohorgaun Village Water Source Plan; which aims to design and build a village drinking water system, which will simultaneously curb the likelihood of attaining waterbourne diseases. With 3 of the 4 “Family of 4” projects in place in each household in the village, they are ready to implement the final aspect: the village drinking water system. Not forgetting to acknowledge that it’s not just RIDS-Nepal’s concept but the Mohorgaun Village as a community who strongly requested it as well.

RIDS-Nepal and the Mohorgaun Village project will be introduced and hopefully receive an important amount of funding during the A Day To Share event, coming up on September 18.

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