Friday, August 5, 2011

A Mongolian lamp in the path of FOH

FOH is happy to announce an upcoming partnership. The Mongolian NGO Lamp of the Path was established in 2005 as the humanitarian branch of the Buddhist organization FPMT, and since then it has managed several projects around the country, mainly in the fields of child care, education, social development, relief of poverty, health and environment.

Lamp of the Path had its beginnings with the soup kitchen, which was opened August 3rd 2003 in a specially-built building, the Dolma Ling Community Centre. It has continuously served food to an average of 70 homeless and poor people 5 days a week, for a total of over 150,000 meals.

The Health Clinic and Children’s Development Program were established in 2005. The Health Clinic provides free medical care to the homeless, poor and other vulnerable people. Staffed by a Mongolian doctor and nurse, it has over 400 people registered as using the clinic's services.

The Taylors’ cooperative was established in 2009 to help single mothers and other women become financially independent. LOP gave them training in tailoring and provided them with the equipment and a place to do this. They were also taught to market their products and in 2011 they became independent from LOP's financial support.

The funds that support the activities of Lamp of the Path come from different sources: there are many small sponsors, in Mongolia and abroad, who donate small sums quite regularly. Until now the main bulk of sponsorship came from a Canadian mining company with offices in Ulaanbaatar. At the moment, they have stopped their funding for internal reasons, and that is why Friends of Humanity is trying to help this beautiful project stay alive.

You can learn more about Lamp of the Path in this video.

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