Thursday, August 4, 2011

An award winning movie about Alice Project kids

In 2008, Indian director Rajesh S. Jala made a documentary about children working in a crematory in Manikarnika, the biggest and busiest in India, close to the city of Varanasi. "Children of the Pyre" was selected to be part of many film festivals around the world, and won the Best Documentary Prize in Montreal and Sao Paulo.

What really interests FOH about this movie is the fact that some of the seven children are now attending the Alice Project school in Sarnath, which is also located on the outskirts of Varanasi.

Rajesh S. Jala recently traveled to Sarnath to visit the children he met while filming "Children of the Pyre" and below, you can find the message he wrote to Alice Project founder and FOH partner Valentino Giacomin.

I was at Project Alice a few days back and it was a delightful experience to see the change in the lives of these kids. Yogi has secured first position and others are also doing well in their studies. I could see and sense the change in their attitude and approach towards their lives and that of the others. These kids are very fortunate for getting an?opportunity to grow and evolve at Project Alice. I wish I was fortunate in my childhood to have had this opportunity. All credit goes to project Alice family and the spiritual supervision of Valentino. THANKS! And a big thanks to Kevin, Alicia, their friends and families for the selfless support for these underprivileged kids.

My trip has enhanced my hopes and expectations for the bright future of these kids.
And my faith in Alice project and Valentino gets firmer and deeper.

God bless all.

Warm regards,

Rajesh S. Jala

You can find more about Rajesh S. Jala's project and "Children of the Pyre" here.

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