Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The results of the Alice Project method

FOH is happy to show here an example of what the work of our partner Alice Project can accomplish.

Below you will find a letter that a 16-years old student wrote to Valentino Giacomin after performing a Powa, the Buddhist meditation practice known as "transference of consciousness at the time of death". As we often explain, the Alice Project is not a confessional school, but aims to help the children to get back in touch with their tradition. In the case of this student, the Buddhist tradition and practice resurfaced in him.

Good afternoon Dear Bau,

I’m very happy and feeling very relax. Yesterday night I cried and shouted a lot but not because of sorrow. In fact, it was a great pleasure. I experienced it much more than happiness, was within myself. I don’t know exactly how should I express my feelings.

I felt like I had two minds or consciousness which were working together because I was knowing everything whatever as happening around me and on the other hand, I was fully concentrated and focusing on whatever was happening within myself as well. I understood that I was bothering everyone in the school but, I was not able to control myself. When I was trying to control I was unable to breath easily, it was stucking. At the same time, I realized and remembered what Rinpoche suggested. So, I kept going on and it was stronger. At this state I was very deep in devotion to Buddha and Rinpoche as guru and the bodhi sattvas as well. I was calling the name of Buddha. Really, it was a wonderful experience. Also I was praying and wishing as well. There were such virtues thoughts which made me more self confident in my practice. Some of therm are like…..

May peace prevail on earth. May every one get such experience and happiness as I’m feeling now( crying). It didn’t matter wether I was crying or shouted loudly as I had a big pain, but inside me was the great joys and pleasure. May this school keep going towards the success. May every one be happy, and may other such thoughts as wish. I truly can say that there wasn’t a single non-virtues thought at the moment, according to me. I was crying even more when I was thinking and wishing like this, not because of the sadness but, because of the pleasure which I was experiencing.

At the certain point when I was focusing my concentration on the Buddha and the Bodhi sattvas, I was going (my view) far and far apart to the sky which seemed very clear as having full of stars. It really happened with me, bau. After then, bad pictures or imaginations began to arise in my mind such as skull, people like ghost and many others but, all these seemed nothing because I was smiling happily towards them l was also able to make them disappear in a way. I was not scared. So I understood, there is no afraid when you are fully in deep of the devotion to Buddha and Guru and doing such practice.

It has been the most joyful or happiest moment of my life. I will never forget such a wonderful experience. It started from the heart centre, the level where we have to visualize a Green bindu, the essence of the consciousness on which is the letter Hri. As I visualize green bindu with devotion, I felt like something came into my heart centre. The more I was focusing on Buddha and Rinpoche stronger I was experiencing.

I am very lucky Bau, thank you very much, for providing me such a wonderful opportunity which I will never forget. This is the biggest thing or gift that someone has given me in my life. Thank you and I love you Bau.

May everyone get such an opportunity, as me.

No one understands completely unless he/she doesn’t get any experience and experience can be achieved only by practicing. This is what I learnt. I don’t know what others think about this, but these what I really experienced. That’s all.

Yours lovely


Valentino recently met Graziella Zanoletti, FOH founder and president, in Washington DC, at the Kalachakra Initiation Event, where the Dalai Lama was also present. Valentino's deputy, Luigina DeBiasi, will be present on September 18, at the A Day To Share event in ONex, where FOH will try to raise 20000 CHF for the new school of the Alice Project, in the Arunachal Pradesh state.

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