Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Emigration is always a key issue in Nepal

Today we speak about Nepal, one of the country where FOH has been involved for a long time and where we are currently support the Family of Four project of our partner RIDS-Nepal.

Being Nepal one of the poorest country in Asia, a consistent number of Nepalese seek their fortune abroad, and the consequences of this phenomenon can be complex. On the one hand, the remittance of emigrant workers are a big help to the local economy, and this article analyzes the important contribution given by women in this process; on the other hand, as Amnesty International points out here, many Nepalese emigrants become victims of traffickers, and while they were promised a decent job they found themselves in a condition of exploitation and forced labour.

FOH  has been directly involved against human trafficking at the beginning of its activity, and we continue keeping a careful eye on this issue. We hope that improving living conditions at home, on which RIDS-Nepal is working with the help of Friends of Humanity and the contribution of our donors, will result in less Nepalese citizens seeking fortune abroad in such unsafe and dangerous ways.

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