Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A (comparatively) Merry Christmas thanks to FOH and friends

Among the projects FOH is helping around the world, the last who joined the group is the Mongolia-based Lamp of the Path, the humanitarian branch of FPMT (Foundation for the Preservation of the Mahayana Tradition), a Buddhist organization active both in Asia and the West.

Lamp of the Path is run by the Italian Massimo Corona and is particularly active in providing food relief for the homeless in Ulaan Bataar. This winter the organization has to cope with extraordinarily low temperatures (it's been as cold as -37 degrees!) and an increase in the price of coal; therefore, the 8'000 CHF raised during A Day to Share, where Lamp of the Path was presented alongside the other partners of Friends of Humanity, have been decisive to provide the boarders of the soup kitchen with proper meals, including meat to improve the protein level, although the general idea is to serve mostly vegetarian food.

We have received a message from Massimo Corona where he expresses his gratitude and the one of all the homeless who could spend a decent Christmas thanks to the generosity of all FOH's friends.

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