Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Being Homeless in Mongolia

Friends of Humanity is proud to sponsor a project called Soup Kitchen of Lamp of the Path. The soup kitchen was the first project Lamp of the Path started in August 3rd 2003 inside a purpose built building, Dolma Ling Community Centre. It has continuously served food to an average 80 homeless and poor people 5 days a week to this day, a total of over 150,000 meals. With an Annual  Budget of $US25,000 they are still providing good food and other social services such as clothing and shoe distributions.

Friends of Humanity decided to help the soup kitchen as their major sponsor withdrew its support, and we want this extremely necessary to service to keep on existing. Once the survival of the soup kitchen is assured, Lamp of the Path aims to build or purchase a bigger building to create a house for the homeless people and children.

Now during the harsh winter many homeless people are living in the pits or near the pipes which carry the steam for the central heating system, which serves every house in the city.

The project recently released a locally produced video, offering a brief insight how homeless people are living their daily life in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia during the winter, when temperatures reach -45 Celsius at night.The video also highlights the positive effects of the project for homeless, hungry Mongolians.

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