Monday, July 23, 2012

New report from Maison Shalom in Burundi !

The purpose of this project is to support 100 sexually abused girls in Burundi, working within Maison Shalom. In order to monitor and evaluate this project, we have asked the project’s staff and the beneficiaries several questions. Here is a summary of this report.

To this day, 76 abused girls were supported thanks to this project. The majority of the supported girls are 18 years-old and more. 3 types of activities are carried out in order to support these girls: medical in order to prevent pregnancy and HIV/AIDS infection; psychosocial for the reinstatement of the victim and legal aid. Activities of sensitization and prevention against sexual violence have been also done.

The community and local authorities are very supportive for this project.

However, this report highlights some difficulties in the establishment of this project like the mentality that sex is taboo and the unknowing of the parents.

The financial resources have been used mainly for education and reinstatement activities.

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