Friday, July 20, 2012

Report from Lamp of the Path NGO: the Soup Kitchen

The purpose of this project is to support the Lamp of the Path NGO Soup Kitchen to feed 80 homeless people in Ulaanbaatar in Mongolia. This report (attached) will give you an overall picture of the project’s progress. We have asked Lamp of the Path’s staff to answer several questions. Here is a summary of this report.

To this day, 70 people receive hot meals 5 days a week. Those people are poor, homeless or/and sick. Moreover, locals are involved in the maintenance of the Soup Kitchen.

The community and local authorities are very supportive for the work of this NGO.

However, one of the results of this report is that the organization needs more funds to carry the project until the end of the year as the support of Friends of Humanity is projected to last only 5 months. If you want to help this NGO by making a donation, go to our donation page ! CHF 50 are equivalent to a hot lunch for one person during 2 months !!!

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