Friday, July 20, 2012

Report from Alice school in Boddishata

The purpose of this project is to fund a school in Boddishata that will allow 125 children to have access to a unique education system provided by the Alice Project staff. Friends of Humanity (FOH) will support this school for 20 months.

This report will give you an overall picture of the project’s progress 6 months after the beginning of FOH support. We have asked the school’s staff to answer several questions and thanks to those, we are able to give you some facts about the project.

121 children (out of 125) are currently attending the school. There are as many girls as boys. 65 % of the students are from Boddishata. 7 teachers are working in the school.
Thanks to the money raised, the staff has been able to establish a sewing course to which 12 students already participate. Moreover, the school offers Hindi, English, Moral Science, Mathematics, Yoga classes among many others.

To this day, the budget was spent on: teacher and staff salaries, general expenses, the sewing project and the purchase of a Jeep needed for emergencies.

Local authorities offer moral support to the school. The community members and the students are very grateful for the work done by the school and Alice project staff.

However, one of the results of this report is that the school needs more fund to run independently. Help us to support this school by making a donation !

If you want to have more information about this project, go to the project's webpage !

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