Thursday, April 4, 2013

Update from the Alice Project School in Arunachal Pradesh!

The Arunachal Branch of the Alice Project has sent new updates and photos, along with testimonials from students and parents!

Girls having a meal at the hostel
Rishiyangshu Chakma, a student at the Alice Project School since 2009, speaks highly of her experiences at school and in the hostel, saying, "Our teachers are very good they give us many kinds of teachings like how to behave with everyone. Now I totally give up leisure task and endeavoring to do good work which is beneficial to all. Our life changes totally from the village life. In school we have to maintain discipline and do our duties on time but in our home or village we do not have to care of those at all.
At the school hours we not only learn subjects but our teachers teach us Yoga, meditation, massage, moraland spiritual values, dancing, singing and so on. They teach us not to kill any animal. Always speak the truth.
We should not fight among each other as we are all brothers and sisters. They tell us teasing is not good.
Stealing is not a good action.
We all get up early in the morning and then our teachers lead us to the small temple which we have in ourschool. There we all perform the prayer and we do meditation too. Then our teachers tell us small stories.
All these things have changed me a lot. Now I do not fight with my friends. We all study, play and eat together very happily. At the evening when we take our dinner, before going to sleep we listen moral stories from the residential teachers who live with us. We enjoy a lot in the hostel. From all my sisters and brothers who are staying at the hostel I heartedly thank to all t my teachers and to the people who are supporting us."

Girls during free time at the hostel
Parents of students are grateful for the school as well, and explain how their children's behavior has changed since they began attending the Alice Project School.  "We are very satisfied with Alice Project teaching
methods and the way of working for the social development. Our children are receiving much benefit and arebeing tamed their young minds with spirituality, morality, and such precious education which will not onlyhelp them now at this tender age but are the base for their whole lives. We did not have any school here where we could send our children. There are some governmental schools but the teachers are not regular and they do not make any effort on moral and spiritual development of our young ones.
After sending our children here at Alice Project we have found lot of changes in their behaviors on daily lives.
They are more social, humble and attentive. We found that they have a new energy and curiosity for learning.
In their normal lives also they are very happy and less stressed.
We are getting good response from the teachers through our children that how efforts are being done. Weaccept that children are getting profit of Alice project quality education. Our children are enjoying theteaching method and learning many new things like Meditation ,prayers, good manners ,singing, dancing, drama and language, yoga, spiritual education all these have changed our children positively on every level. We are sure that all these teachings will make them real human beings the future of the next generation. We feel that we are extremely fortunate to have such a school here.
We are very thankful to all those who are supporting the Alice Project School."

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