Thursday, July 4, 2013

Stories from Alice School in India

Friends of Humanity received some testimonies from girls who are living in the hostel fully supported by us. This hostel enables fifteen young girls from Chakma minority to attend Alice School Project in Arunachal Pradesh in India. They are telling us their daily life in the hostel.

We are so pleased and proud to share it with you.

"My name is Monda Chakma. I am 12 years old girl and have a family of 6 members. My parents are both uneducated and my two brothers are studying in our school. My younger sister is still very young and she plays with the books of my brothers. I think she likes to go to school. My parents work hard in the field to survive and agriculture is only the source of feeding the lives. My mother expects a lot from me and my poor family shows great satisfaction about my improvement.                                                                                                                                                                        In our hostel I am living with my few friends who are also very poor like me and having free education, lodging, accommodation, health care and the daily necessities provided by the school. I was never happy as I am today. I have good time to study and learn many new things."

"Every morning we start our day with prayers and meditations which help us to begin the day with positive energy. I like to admire walking on dew drenched grasses with naked legs in early morning in our play ground. We have tasty and delicious breakfasts prepared by our warden, our elder sister. Few weeks ago some of my friends were sick but they were soon recovered by the earnest treatment and medication provided by the school. I and the school staffs took care of them and when they started walking in the hostel courtyard after their recoveries, smiles manifested their happiness.
Few years back, in my village, around ten children died of malaria and jaundice which still remaining the horrible nightmares for the parents who can’t stop their tears rolling down to mouth compelling them to taste the bitterness of their helplessness. The nearest medical store stands more than 25 kilometers far from my village and we can’t expect better remedies there and the road connectivity is an another hazard. But now that the school has the storage of some useful medicines many people are being benefited when needed. The villagers are much thankful for this availability and feel the gratitude for the school."

"Sometimes I look back to my past life and compare those days with the time of today and then I find a big difference in my thinking, attitudes, feelings, nature and my life. I required many changes in my mentality and now I am more touched with the spirituality. I still feel the need to improve a lot and am sure I will do so if I stay here. The teachers are very kind and friendly with the students and teach us sincerely in the classrooms. Yoga and mediation is being taught here every day and we are taking the profits. We go to the village temple to pray in the evening together. We light candles there. I really like it very much and I feel peace inside me while being in temple reciting the prayers."

"We all always pray for the long life of our sponsors and their families and relatives. We pray for their continued good health. WE ALL LOVE YOU."

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