Thursday, August 29, 2013

Monitoring & Evaluation Report # 1 : Nigeria

To ensure the follow-up of its projects, Friends of Humanity is used to send Monitoring & Evaluation reports  that the organisations we support have to fill in in order to measure the advancement of the project.

We operate using a form of participatory evaluation - members of the community play a leading role in the evaluation process. It is essential that all beneficiaries, direct or indirect, are involved in this process. Obviously, the project site is also involved in this process. To measure the outcomes of a project, we use both quantitative and qualitative data.

Here, we would like to share with you the results of the first report sent by Olayinka Adeleke, director of Rosy Touch, our partner in Nigeria after the Advocay training on women's rights in rural communities that they carried in Eruwa, Nigeria.

50 women from 20 to 50 particpated to the training.

Friends of Humanity contributed to the purchase of materials for the training up CHF 1'000.-

The program of the training was the following : the Meaning Of Right; Right To Education; Reproductive Right and   Right To Economic Independence.

The main difficulty encountered was on the social and cultural side. In fact, some of their husbands had negative perception that their wives might know more than what they should know and might become rebels or competitors at home. The training team solved the problem by explaining to them that the training would improve their wives and would make them contribute to the household income, we also invited the husbands as observers during the training session.

The team also carried individual interviews to measure the impact of the training on women. They founded that women have a better udnerstanding of their rights.

However, the project includes 5 more locations. Funding remains the last barrier for the next trainings. Please donate to enable Rosy Touch to carry the other trainings planned. 

We thank you for all your contributions.

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