Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Biogeometry Conference in Geneva by Kris Attard Sunday 
March 9th at the Palais de l’Athénée 6:30-8:30pm
In English

For whom is this conference?

For everybody: Health professionals, Architects, Energy workers and anybody interested in balancing its own energy, living following the laws of nature and contributing to a more harmonic world.

How to harmonize and heal your living and working place as well as your body through BioGeometry?
BioGeometry is a Science based on the resonance of geometrical shapes, numbers and colors invented by Dr. Ibrahim Karim, an Egyptian architect based in Cairo, Zurich and Montreal. He rediscovered the secrets of the pyramids of ancient Egypt and applies the knowledge of this science to the contemporary world. 

The conference consists of three thematic, as follows:
  • Electro Magnetic Field (EMF): how BioGeometry can detect and transmute the quality of EMF and protect from high-tensions towers, cell phones, wifi and harmful earth grids and more that are affecting our immunity system and our energy.
  • Introduction to tools necessary to transmute harmful energy into healing energy. BioGeometry is based on Physics of Quality, which is the study of the underlying energy-quality information exchange within the resonance and harmonic relationships of energy and shape affecting all living systems.

  • BioSignatures are precisely constructed linear diagrams which have the same exact geometric configurations as specific vital energy patterns within the human body. They are similar to the Chinese peripheral energy meridians of the body, but are related to the energy flow within the geometric configurations of the organs in the human body. BioSignatures help to create balance and help healing on various levels.

The speaker

Kris Attard is the first certified BioGeometry Instructor in Europe, having trained with and been personally certified by the founder of BioGeometry, Dr. Ibrahim Karim in Cairo, Egypt. Kris has been teaching worldwide as a personal development trainer and teacher of holistic subjects for many years. He has trained people in over 17 countries, ranging from public and specialised groups to top businesses. He specialises in teaching the fields of BioGeometry, Sacred Geometry and MindScape intuition training. His fascination with the enhancement of inner potential started in his teens when, as an award-winning magician, he discovered firsthand what the trained mind could accomplish. His involvement in phenomena research also gave him a glimpse of the untapped potential that exists in ancient wisdom, and he has been a keen student and researcher of metaphysical studies for many years. He is living in Malta and will give the lecture in English.

Practical Infromation
When? Sunday March 9th from 6:30 to 8:30 pm
Price: CHF 18. - or 15.- Euros An aperitif will be offered at the close of the event. Biogeometry items will be available.
For more information please contact:
Graziella Zanoletti on
+41 79 202 50 06 –

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