Sunday, July 3, 2011

FOH supports the Chakma people in North East India

The Chakmas are an ethnic group from the North Eastern part of the Indian subcontinent. They were mostly living in the land now called Bangladesh, but before the establishment of this state in 1971 (following its separation from Pakistan) they had to flee due to the construction of a dam, which caused the flooding of their arable lands. Most Chakma live today in the Arunachal Pradesh Distict in North East India, often in extreme poverty.

In 1998 Alice Project, the NGO created by Valentino Giacomin and Luigina De Biasi, opened a school for Chakma children and boys, but the idea could not evolve as fast as desired, due to lack of funds. Today, thanks to the support of a new group of supporters, which includes Friends of Humanity, the Chakmas will soon have a complete education cycle, from primary to high school, alongside with a hostel for the students, and a set of technical and professional workshops.

The Alice Project's work with the Chakmas will be extensively explained on September 18 in Onex, during FOH's event A Day to Share.

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