Monday, July 4, 2011

Maggy Barankitse en prime time à la TSR

FOH's most famous and celebrated partner, Burundi's Maggy Barankitse, was given a feature during the evening news on TSR last wednesday, June 29. Darius Rochebin introduced the reel by calling her "the African Mother Teresa" and didn't fail to mention that Maggy's name has been put forward as a possible Nobel Peace Priye winner.

The video relates the tragic events of 1993, when the ethnic riots between Hutus and Tutsis stormed into Maggy's life and how this pushed her to take care of the tens, then hundreds, then thousands of orphaned children the civil war produced.

You can find the video here.

Maggy Barankitse will be the guest of honor at the A Day to Share event, organized by FOH on September 18 in Onex, in the Geneva countryside.

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